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I NEVER had a desire to see France. I assumed all I had heard from people who were older and presumably wiser. While they were, both those things, it also turns out they were more biased. We will call it 'stuck in time'. I expected Paris to be stuck up, rude and over priced. I assumed it was a city consumed by tourists and the only authentically French people left would be making a sort of last-ditch-effort to stand their ground and keep Paris, decidedly French..

Here I expected (and prepared for) rude remarks and stares of dealth for all non-parisians to scuff up their fancy french sidewalk.

- How WRONG I was! -

I learned to never judge a book by its cover, or by what was written in it a multitiude of genereations ago.. probably by people who had biases of their own on top of what I can only imagine was a wildly different view point of the world than we have now. I had opportunituy to visit France in 2008 when I was studing abroad in Spain with a girlfriend of mine. We had 5 ish weeks in Madrid taking classes therefore we had 5 ish weekends to try and travel as much as possible. She had wanted to go to Paris her entire life I on the other hand had no desire to see France in general. I had, however, always dreamed of seeing amsterdam.

After a brief discussion she offered to buy the flights if we went to France and that was the deciding factor for my cheap ass.

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